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quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol (2012) [Japanese Edition]


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Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol (2012) [Japanese Edition]
Genre: Gothic/Doom Metal
Origin: United Kingdom
156 mb | mp3, CBR 320 kbps [CD-Rip]
“‘Tragic Idol’ is an album that connects them with their death/ doom metal roots and is one of the heaviest especially within its first half. You can certainly hear that they went back to their influences not only by bands of the classic doom metal legacy such as CANDLEMASS but also some more classical heavy metal albums. They stripped away the orchestral and the gothic metal.
There is a lot of power in this album, a visceral experience, it can be said that the album is quite epic. Its turn towards their roots doesn’t feel nostalgic or outdated but tied up to modern tendencies and to their own unique and matured expression. There is a lot of attention paid to the details, even when Holmes is between the verses, there’ll be a lot going on to occupy your mind. I definitely see this amongst their best albums.”

1. Solitary One (4:08)
2. Crucify (4:08)
3. Fear Of Impending Hell (5:24)
4. Honesty In Death (4:07)
5. Theories From Another World (5:02)
6. In This We Dwell (3:54)
7. To The Darkness (5:09)
8. Tragic Idol (4:34)
9. Worth Fighting For (4:11)
10. The Glorious End (5:22)
11. Ending Through Changes (Japanese Bonus Track) (4:09)
12. Never Take Me Alive (Japanese Bonus Track) (4:46)
13. True Belief (Live Version – Bonus Track) (4:52)
14. One Second (Live Version – Bonus Track) (3:38)
15. Say Just Words (Live Version – Bonus Track) (4:50)
68:14 min

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